An update!

Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything. When I have occasionally remembered about this blog I have thought that maybe I should just delete it, because blogs without updates make me sad. But something has stopped me – I still have this little urge and desire to keep with it. To keep posting, however seldomly, because one day my will to blog will overcome this hesitance. So for now, it stays.

In actual PhD news, I am in the middle of drafting my first chapter, in which I’m analysing how contemporary feminist academic texts (published in the UK) construct narratives of the recent feminist past, how race fits into these narratives, and what the implications are in terms of what these texts propose as ‘solutions’ for the future of feminism. Or something.

Maybe it’s not so coincidental that I remembered about the blog now, and decided it was absolutely vital that I update it, at precisely this moment when I should be writing this chapter….


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