Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a little bit about what it’s about, why I set it up, and how I envision I will be using it…

I am a part-time PhD student, just about to start my third year of research. I have been contemplating setting up a research blog for a while, but resisted because I worried it would be distracting and take up time more productively spent actually doing, you know, research. However, being a big fan of blogs and the potential they have for discussion, sharing ideas, resources, knowledge, and by seeing how useful other people have found them in their research, I have decided to give it a go.

The key words for my research are feminism and race. Specifically, I’m looking at how feminists in England represent the recent feminist past (i.e. 1970s-80s) in relation to issues of race and racism. I’m doing this by analysing feminist texts (academic, activist and ‘popular’) to see how particular versions of the feminist past become embedded and dominant as the official history of British feminism – often with very problematic consequences in terms of race. The next phase of my research will also involve interviewing feminist activists and students of gender and women’s studies.

My plan is to use this blog a bit like an online version of a research notebook, making notes of random thoughts and connections I want to track, with the added benefit that I can organise these with tags and categories. In this sense, some of the posts may not be of much interest to anyone but myself (but hopefully also to others researching similar topics). I also aim to share interesting links I come across, write about books and articles I’m reading and conferences I’m going to. I’m also a lover of process, so expect to see posts about the process of doing research, the experience of being a research student, among other things. And of course – with the state of higher education as it is currently in Britain, I’m likely to be posting about that as well. Particularly as it affects my university, London Metropolitan, which as you may be aware is going through quite turbulent times at the moment!

Having said all this, I’m writing this intro without having written a single post yet, so how it will pan out remains to be seen… Hope to see you around.


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